Virginia Mainstream Project

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The Virginia Mainstream Project

Former Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling formed the Virginia Mainstream Project in June of 2013. VMP is a non-profit political action committee that is dedicated to two fundamental goals:

1. Leading the effort to promote reform within the Republican Party of Virginia, and ensure that the Republican Party has mainstream leadership that is dedicated to growing the party by broadening its base, and winning elections by nominating candidates who will run mainstream campaigns based on a positive vision for the future of Virginia.

2. Encouraging Republicans and Democrats to work together for the good of Virginia, avoiding rigid ideologies and confrontational politics; and focusing instead on cooperation and consensus building that will produce mainstream solutions to the challenges facing our state.

Most Virginians do not embrace the extreme ideologies of the right or the left. They want a more mainstream approach to politics and policy. VMP is dedicated to supporting candidates and causes that will help achieve the dual goals of getting the Republican Party and the process of governing back to a more mainstream and solutions oriented approach.

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