The Bolling Story

Bill Bolling was first elected to serve as the 40th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2005.  In a year that favored Democrats, Bolling received more votes than any other Republican candidate, a testimony to the strength of the campaign he ran.

In 2007, Lieutenant Governor Bolling launched a major statewide initiative, 100 Ideas For The Future Of Virginia.  Through a series of Town Hall Idearaisers, Lieutenant Governor Bolling involved the people across the Commonwealth in developing a long term strategy for addressing the most important issues facing Virginia.

On November 3rd, 2009, Bill Bolling was re-elected to a second four year term as Lieutenant Governor.  Running with Governor Bob McDonnell, the two Republicans ran a positive, issues oriented campaign that offered New Ideas For A Better Virginia.   Bolling won an impressive victory, claiming 57% of the popular vote.

During his second term as Lieutenant Governor, Bolling is focused on getting Virginia’s economy moving again and creating jobs.  Governor McDonnell tapped Lieutenant Governor Bolling to serve as Virginia’s Chief Jobs Creation Officer and made him a member of the Governor’s cabinet. As Chief Jobs Creation Officer, Bolling is responsible for shepherding the Governor’s economic development initiatives through the General Assembly, and assisting economic development officials in recruiting new business and industry to Virginia.

Lieutenant Governor Bolling has been instrumental in closing major new economic development deals and bringing new economic opportunities to Virginia.  Virginia’s unemployment rate has fallen from 7.3% when McDonnell and Bolling took office, to 5.5% today, the third lowest east of the Mississippi.  Since beginning of the administration, Virginia has added 172,600 net new jobs and the number of unemployed Virginians has decreased by 31 percent.

Prior to his election as Lieutenant Governor, Bill Bolling served for 10 years in the Senate of Virginia, where he was widely recognized for his work on health care and natural resource issues.  Prior to his service in the Senate, Bill served as Chairman of the Hanover County Board of Supervisors.

Lieutenant Governor Bolling has been married to his wife, Jean Ann, for 35 years.  The Bolling’s have two sons, Matt and Kevin. Professionally, Lieutenant Governor Bolling is employed as a Vice President with Riggs, Counselman, Michaels and Downes, one of the nation’s largest independent insurance agencies.

In the home, on the job and in the community, Bill Bolling has proven himself to be a dynamic and effective leader – a leader who can get things done.


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