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Ethics panel recommends changes on gift, disclosure, conflict rules
November 14, 2014 /  BY

The ethics commission appointed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Friday advanced a series of recommendations that would significantly tighten Virginia’s notoriously lax laws covering gifts, accountability and conflicts for lawmakers and public officials.

Bolling: Gillespie shows the way forward
November 8, 2014 /  BY

The results of Election Day 2014 hold some important lessons for Virginia Republicans. The question is: Will the GOP learn them?

McAuliffe’s ethics panel discusses possible reforms
October 27, 2014 /  BY

A 10-member gubernatorial committee on Monday began the daunting and delicate task of formulating proposals aimed at reforming Virginia’s lax gift and ethics rules for public officials.

Restoring Virginians’ trust in government
October 3, 2014 /  BY admin

As Virginians with 57 years of public service between us, we have seen the opportunities for growth that arise when a state enjoys a reputation for excellent management. Without public trust, Virginia is at grave risk of losing out on the next round of investment and that next aspiring entrepreneur.

Today’s Top Opinion: Good move on ethics reform
September 25, 2014 /  BY admin

Gov. Terry McAuliffe made a smart move by announcing a new commission to focus on ethics and redistricting. He also wisely appointed two Virginia statesmen, Republican Bill Bolling and Democrat Rick Boucher, to lead the panel.

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