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During his 20 years in elected office on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors, as a member of the Virginia State Senate and as Lieutenant Governor, Bill Bolling has fought for our shared conservative values and established a strong conservative record of results.

Throughout his service in state and local government, he has developed a record of working with Republicans and Democrats to find positive, conservative solutions to the many challenges we face.  At the end of the day, governing has to be about getting things done and he has a record of results!

As Governor McDonnell’s Chief Jobs Creation Officer and the first Lieutenant Governor to serve in the Governor’s Cabinet, Bill Bolling has overseen the state’s economic development efforts and worked to create a more pro-business environment in Virginia.  In the past two years, they have made more than $100M in investments in proven job creation programs, including needed tax cuts and incentives for job creating businesses.

As a result, we have created more than 172,600 net new jobs in our state over the past 3.5 years, Virginia’s unemployment rate has decreased by 31 percent, (from 7.3% to 5.5%), and Virginia has consistently been named the best state in America to do business.

In addition, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has worked with Governor McDonnell to restore fiscal integrity to state government.  They have cut spending, reformed government and opposed tax increases on Virginia families and businesses.

When they took office in 2010, they faced a $6B budget shortfall, but as a result of their conservative approach to governing, Virginia has had back-to-back budget surpluses totaling nearly $1 billion, which has enabled them to make historic investments in critical programs like transportation and higher education.

During this year’s General Assembly session, Lieutenant Governor Bolling cast the tie-breaking vote to organize the State Senate with a Republican majority.  As a result, they were able to advance important conservative initiatives that had been defeated by Democrats and liberal-special interests for years.

He was proud to cast deciding votes to pass conservative legislation that provided educational choice to low-income children through tuition tax credits, protected our right-to-work law by eliminating union preferences in state contracts, increased the integrity of our elections and strengthened personal property rights.

He is a strong fiscal conservative who understands that government must remain small and focused on its core responsibilities.  He has opposed every tax increase during his 10 years in the State Senate and 7 years as Lieutenant Governor, and he has voted to cut taxes dozens of times.

He is a strong pro-family, social conservative.  He has earned an A+ rating from the NRA and a 100% pro-family rating from The Family Foundation.  He was a strong supporter of the Marriage Amendment, and he cast the tie-breaking vote to defund Planned Parenthood, regulate abortion clinics for the first time and eliminate funding for abortions under Obamacare.

He is a strong pro-business conservative who believes in the power of the private sector to grow our economy and create jobs.  That’s why he’s worked so hard to improve our state’s economic competitiveness, protect our Right to Work law, reinvest in proven economic development programs and aggressively communicate the message that Virginia is open for business.

He is a family man.  He has been married to his wife Jean Ann for 34 years and he is the proud father of two young men.  He is the son of coal miner from Southwest Virginia and the first person in his family to graduate from college.  He has a strong and abiding faith, and he has taught Sunday School in his local church for the last 31 years.


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